ISSN 1911-2173

Fig 86 (a). Sternostoma boydi female dorsal habitus.

Fig 86 (b). Sternostoma boydi female dorsum.

Fig 86 (c). Sternostoma boydi female venter.

North American host records:
Larus argentatus, Herring Gull (TerBush 1963; Pence 1972, 1975)
Larus atricilla, Laughing Gull (Pence 1975)
Larus californicus, California Gull (Spicer 1978)
Larus delawarensis, Ring-billed Gull (Pence 1972, 1975)
Larus occidentalis, Western Gull (Spicer 1978)
Sterna forsteri, Forster’s Tern (Mitchell 1961)
Sterna hirundo, Common Tern (Pence 1972, 1975)

Arenaria interpres, Ruddy Turnstone (Pence 1975; Canadian National Collection
of Insects and Arachnids)
Calidris alba, Sanderling (Strandtmann 1951; Pence 1975)
Calidris canutus, Red Knot (Mitchell 1961)
Tringa melanoleuca, Greater Yellowlegs (Mitchell 1961; Pence 1972, 1975)

Diagnostic characteristics:
– subapical ventral setal pair on tarsi II – IV are short flattened setae with rounded tips
– no setae in the dorsal opisthosomal unsclerotized integument
– paranal setae posterior to anal opening, and postanal seta absent

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