ISSN 1911-2173

Fig 88 (a). Sternostoma tracheacolum female dorsal habitus.

Fig 88 (b). Sternostoma tracheacolum female dorsum.

Fig 88 (c). Sternostoma tracheacolum female venter.

North American host records:
Cardinalis sinuatus, Pyrrhuloxia (Pence and Casto 1975; Estebanes-Gonzalez 1997)
Melospiza melodia, Song Sparrow (Fain and Hyland 1962; Pence 1975)
Passerella iliaca, Fox Sparrow(Fain and Hyland 1962; Pence 1975)
Passerina cyanea, Indigo Bunting(Fain and Hyland 1962; Pence 1975)
Pipilo fuscus, Canyon Towhee (Pence and Casto 1975)
Pooecetes gramineus, Vesper Sparrow (Fain and Hyland 1962; Pence 1975)
Spizella pusilla, Field Sparrow(Fain and Hyland 1962; Wilson 1964; Pence 1975)

Serinus canaria, Island Canary (Fain and Hyland 1962)

Riparia riparia, Sand Martin (Fain and Hyland 1962; Pence 1975)
Tachycineta bicolor, Tree Swallow (Pence 1972, 1975)

Agelaius phoeniceus, Red-winged Blackbird(Hood and Welch 1980)
Agelaius tricolor, Tricolored Blackbird (Furman 1957; Fain and Hyland 1962; Pence 1975)
Icterus bullockii, Bullock’s Oriole (Furman 1957; Fain and Hyland 1962; Pence 1975)
Molothrus ater, Brown-headed cowbird (Fain and Hyland 1962; Pence 1972, 1975)
Sturnella magna, Eastern Meadowlark (Fain and Hyland 1962; Pence 1975)

Mniotilta varia, Black-and-white Warbler (Knee et al. 2008)
Seiurus aurocapillus, Ovenbird (Fain and Hyland 1962; Pence 1975)
Seiurus noveboracensis, Northern Waterthrush (Fain and Hyland 1962; Pence 1975)

Passer domesticus, House Sparrow (Fain and Hyland 1962; Pence 1975)

Myiarchus crinitus, Great Crested Flycatcher (Pence 1972, 1975)
Tyrannus melancholicus, Tropical Kingbird (Hyland and Moorhouse 1970)

Diagnostic characteristics:
– subapical ventral and ventrolateral setae of tarsi II – IV are minute spines, barely visible
– two pairs of setae in the dorsal opisthosomal unsclerotized integument
– paranal setae posterior to anal opening, and postanal seta absent

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