ISSN 1911-2173

Fig 81 (a). Tinaminyssus zenaidurae female dorsal habitus.

Fig 81 (b). Tinaminyssus zenaidurae female dorsum.

Fig 81 (c). Tinaminyssus zenaidurae female venter.

Tinaminyssus (=Neonyssus) zenaidurae (Crossley, 1952)

North American host records:
Columbina passerina, Common Ground-Dove (Crossley 1952; Strandtmann 1961; Wilson 1964; Pence 1975)
Zenaida macroura, Mourning Dove (Crossley 1952; Owen 1958; Strandtmann 1961; Wilson 1964, 1968; Pence 1973, 1975; Spicer 1987; Knee et al. 2008)

Diagnostic characteristics:
– poststigmatal platelet present
– paranal setae at level with anal opening

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