Canadian Journal of Arthropod Identification

An illustrated identification key to the genera of Ulidiidae (Diptera: Tephritoidea) of the United States and Canada

CJAI 45 -- April 26, 2021

Charles Wallace

Biology, School of Life Sciences, The College of Liberal Arts & Science,
Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona, 85281, United States.

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Ulidiidae, the "picture-winged flies,'' are a family of true flies belonging to the superfamily Tephritoidea. Over 130 of the family's approximately 700 species, and 40 of its 128 genera, have been documented north of Mexico in the United States and Canada. Although the family is primarily saprophagous and commonly found in association with feces or decaying plant tissue, several species are known to be pestiferous on crops significant to agribusiness, primarily in the American southeast. Here the taxonomic key provided in the "Otitidae" chapter of the Manual of Nearctic Diptera (Steyskal 1987) is updated with color photographs, including notes on taxonomy and distribution of species. Specimens from collections at North Carolina State University, the Florida State Collection of Arthropods, and the National Museum of Natural history were photographed using a Canon DSLR and macro lens, and focus stacked using Zerene Stacker. Information on distribution of species was taken from collection records, online databases, and previous publications.

Steyskal, G.C. 1987. Otitidae. In Manual of Nearctic Diptera. Volume 2. Edited by J.F. McAlpine. Agriculture Canada, Hull, Quebec, Canada. Pp: 799-808.


Ulidiidae of US & Canada

Tritoxa cuneata species group (photo by C. Wallace)