Heptageniidae of the World: Part II
CJAI 07 October 30, 2008
doi; 10.3752/cjai.2008.07

J.M. Webb* and W.P. McCafferty**

* Department of Environmental Management and Ecology, La Trobe University, Albury-Wodonga Campus, PO Box 821, Wodonga, Victoria, Australia, 3689, jmw975@yahoo.com

** Department of Entomology, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN 47907-2089, (765) 494-4599, mccaffer@purdue.edu

Abstract. Keys and diagnoses illustrated with line drawings and colour photographs for the identification of larvae and adult males of the genera of Heptageniidae of the world and female adults of North American Heptageniidae genera are provided. Siberionurus McCafferty is recognized as a junior objective synonym of Ecdyogymnurus Kluge. Epeiron Demoulin is shown to be congeneric with Rhithrogena Eaton. All subgenera that have been proposed for Rhithrogena, Compsoneuria Eaton, and Epeorus Eaton are treated as junior synonyms (Rhithrogena = Himalogena Kluge, N.SYN.; = Sibirigena Kluge, N.SYN.; = Tumungula Zhou & Peters, N.SYN.; Epeorus = Alpiron Braasch, N.SYN.; = Albertiron Kluge, N.SYN.; = Belovius Tshernova; = Caucasiron Kluge, N.SYN.; = Iron Eaton; = Ironopsis Traver; = Proepeorus Kluge, N.SYN.; Compsoneuria = Siamoneuria Braasch, N.SYN.).


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