Figures: 39, 60, 90, 222

In addition to the Heptageniinae characteristics, the following combination of characteristics will identify the genus:

Larval Diagnosis

The short, wide mandibular incisors (Fig. 39) of Dacnogenia are unique in the Heptageniinae. Additionally, the superlinguae are much longer than the lingua (Fig. 60) and the gill lamellae are narrow (Fig. 90).

Adult Diagnosis

Males of Dacnogenia cannot be separated from those of Heptagenia except on a species by species basis. In the Palearctic, where both genera occur, the combination of having V-shaped penes that are nearly contiguous medially, well-developed dorsomedial spines, and a small brown dot near the midpoint of the femora will separate Dacnogenia from most Heptagenia.


Palearctic (Fig. 222)