Figures: 63, 83, 91, 159, 230

In addition to the Heptageniinae characteristics, the following combination of characteristics will identify the genus:

Larval Diagnosis

Larvae of Kageronia are diagnosed by having serrated tarsal claws (Fig. 83). Additional diagnostic characteristics include pointed gill lamellae (Fig. 91), gills 7 without fibrils, and marginal anal and costal ribs on the gill lamellae (Fig. 91).

Adult Diagnosis

The lack of a distinct longitudinal ridge on the prosternum will separate male and female adults of Kageronia from all other Heptageniinae. Adults of K. orbiticola (Kluge) are similar to those of Arthroplea Bengtsson (Arthropleidae) in having an unforked vein MA in the hindwings.


Palearctic (Fig. 230).