Figures: 21-22, 72, 132, 167, 187, 203, 205, 238

Heptageniinae Diagnosis

Larval Diagnosis

The ventrally inserted gills (Fig. 21) will differentiate Raptoheptagenia from all other Heptageniidae genera. Furthermore, it is the only three-tailed Heptageniinae with raptorial mouthparts (Fig. 72).

Adult Diagnosis

Males of Raptoheptagenia are differentiated from other Nearctic Heptageniinae by the 'V' shaped penes that lack dorsolateral spines (Fig. 167). Females differ from other North American genera by having a head capsule that extends beyond the anterior margin of the eyes by a distance greater than the length of the eye (Fig. 132).


Nearctic (Fig. 238).