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Siricidae (Hymenoptera: Symphyta: Siricoidea) of the Western Hemisphere
CJAI 21, July, 2012
doi: 10.3752/cjai.2012.21
Nathan M. Schiff, Henri Goulet, David R. Smith, Caroline Boudreault, A. Dan Wilson, and Brian E. Scheffler

FASTA Sequences representing each of the 31 species of this study are deposited in Genbank and at the Center for Bottomland Hardwood Research Web Site.

A set of files in one zip file can be downloaded from the CBHR site at the following URL: http://www.srs.fs.usda.gov/cbhr/products/downloads/2012_nms_SiricidFASTA.zip

The Genbank and Canadian accession numbers are as follows:

Sequence ID Species name Specimen code Genbank accession number Canadian collection specimen code
Seq1 Eriotremex formosana CBHR4 JQ619784  
Seq2 Orussus thoracicus CBHR35 JQ619785  
Seq3 Sirex abietinus CBHR103 JQ619786  
Seq4 Sirex areolatus CBHR377 JQ619787  
Seq5 Sirex behrensii CBHR669 JQ619788  
Seq6 Sirex californicus CBHR1184 JQ619789  
Seq7 Sirex cyaneus CBHR610 JQ619790  
Seq8 Sirex longicauda CBHR914 JQ619791  
Seq9 Sirex near californicus CNCS1018 JQ619792 SIR 018
Seq10 Sirex near nitidus CBHR555 JQ619793  
Seq11 Sirex nigricornis CBHR30 JQ619794  
Seq12 Sirex nitidus CBHR615 JQ619795  
Seq13 Sirex noctilio CBHR815 JQ619796  
Seq14 Sirex obesus CNCS1039 JQ619797 SIR 039
Seq15 Sirex varipes CBHR104 JQ619798  
Seq16 Sirex xerophilus CBHR541 JQ619799  
Seq17 Syntexis libocedrii CBHR9 JQ619800  
Seq18 Tremex columba CBHR5 JQ619801  
Seq19 Tremex fuscicornis CBHR392 JQ619802  
Seq20 Urocerus albicornis CBHR199 JQ619803  
Seq21 Urocerus californicus CBHR2 JQ619804  
Seq22 Urocerus cressoni CBHR169 JQ619805  
Seq23 Urocerus flavicornis CBHR12 JQ619806  
Seq24 Urocerus gigas CBHR842 JQ619807  
Seq25 Urocerus taxodii CBHR31 JQ619808  
Seq26 Xeris caudatus CBHR229 JQ619809  
Seq27 Xeris indecisus CBHR216 JQ619810  
Seq28 Xeris melancholicus CBHR300 JQ619811  
Seq29 Xeris morrisoni CBHR190 JQ619812  
Seq30 Xiphydria mellipes CBHR1055 JQ619813  
Seq31 Xoanon matsumurae SIRCA188 JQ619814 SIR 193