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Siricidae (Hymenoptera: Symphyta: Siricoidea) of the Western Hemisphere
CJAI 21, July, 2012
doi: 10.3752/cjai.2012.21
Nathan M. Schiff, Henri Goulet, David R. Smith, Caroline Boudreault, A. Dan Wilson, and Brian E. Scheffler

Subfamily Tremicinae

Diagnostic combination

Both sexes of Tremicinae are recognized by the metatibia with one spur, the hind wing without anal cell (single male of Teredon latitarsus with cell – this may be an aberration), and the fore wing with junction of veins 1 cu–a and Cu clearly closer to junction of veins M and M+Cu (except in Teredon).

Diversity and Hosts

There are six genera and 58 extant species in the world, and three genera and 3 native species in the Western Hemisphere. Taeger et al. (2010) recognized 4 genera, but we consider that there are six genera because we transferred Siricosoma and Xeris from the Siricinae to the Tremicinae in this work.

Reared specimens (only three genera with known hosts) in this subfamily were from flowering or coniferous trees.